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Tough times don't last, tough people do.

We are a group of highly trained, dedicated life coaches, and we are here for you.

This is where we shine!

When the world shows up with doubt, we show up with trust.

When the world shows up with fear, we show up with peace.

When the world shows up with commotion, we show up with creativity.

Because we know a better way. We’ve created a variety of short videos to help you navigate through this time of uncertainty.

What Not To Say To Missionaries Coming Home Because Of COVID-19

We have so many missionaries coming home right now and what we choose to say and NOT say will make such a difference in how they adjust and move forward. In this video I’m going to teach you what NOT to say and why. I will also arm you with helpful phrases you can use as they navigate this challenging time in their lives. We’ve got this team!

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The Benefits of Future Focus – Especially During Uncertain Times

Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty for all of us… especially for Young Adults and Missionaries. Even if we are uncertain about our future, it is still possible to tap into Future Focus… and honing this skill may actually more important than EVER. In this video learn the what, how and why of Future Focus and tap into all of the amazing benefits right now!

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Building Intimacy When You’re Stressed

Are you feeling stressed about being stuck inside? Are you completely out of your normal routine? Are you finding that you’re fighting more with your spouse and kids than you did before? Wouldn’t you rather learn how to de-stress and create a wonderful bond and connection with your spouse and loved ones instead? As a Certified Sex & Marriage Coach, I will teach you the top 4 things you can do to reduce your stress during this crazy time and not only feel better, but increase your intimacy and connection with your spouse and your loved ones.

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Minimizing Tantrums

As a mom, preschool teacher, and certified life coach I have found everyone has tantrums. I have a few proven secrets to help with minimizing tantrums. You can apply these tools right away and see immediate results.

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Homeschooling during COVID-19

Are you struggling to have your kids home with you ALL day long? Do you feel like there are too many resources online to even decide on some? Watch this video to get some quick and easy tips to help your days go smoothly, and even build some family connection while you’re at it (:

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Surviving Survival Mode

During this pandemic, it can be really easy to start off in survival mode, and then get stuck there. Today we discuss moving through survival mode and turning this time into an amazing opportunity for creating something better than we had before.

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How To Get Your COVID Cash

The government just passed a $2 Trillion stimulus package, and there’s a lot of money out there available FOR YOU! I walk you through what’s there, how to get it, and how to make sure you’re keeping fear out of your finances.

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How To Make Your Marriage Stronger In A Pandemic

Worried that all the “togetherness” of pandemic life might cause problems in your marriage? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this video, certified Marriage Coach, Jessica Farmer is giving you the 3 skills you need to make this time one of the best times in your marriage, helping you to feel more love and connection while weathering this storm together.

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Empowered Mindset

Create an Empowered Mindset with these simple principles, so you can turn adversity into growth and opportunity. Not only will this completely change you as a parent, it will also help you model Empowerment and Resilience for your teens and the rest of your family.

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PLAN on feeling better!

Overcoming your depression can feel like a struggle, and then you throw Covid-19 and social distancing in the mix and it’s almost impossible. The thing is, it’s 100% possible and I know exactly how to help you get there without more medication or therapy. Check out the video for one of the tools I use to help my clients find releif from depression and look forward to waking up again!

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Crush the Fear: better than crushing candy

I know how much fear you are feeling right now, I feel it too. But I’ve come up with 3 easy to remember tips to help us all crush the fear, and not let it weigh us down. Crushing fear can be even better than crushing candy, let me show you!

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