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Relationship: Friendships

Heather Fillmore

I help Peacemakers (Nines on the Enneagram) to allow themselves to take up space in the world, so they can feel their OWN peace.

Benjamin Pugh

Yeah, it’s hard parenting a teenager, but its even harder to be a teenager. I coach parents and their teens on how to build love, confidence, and resilience. I show parents how to reconnect with their teens and parent with intention and purpose.

Lorna Olson

Coach for youth ages 16-21 focusing on serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Chantel Allen

Chantel helps moms learn to understand and thrive with anxiety. She shows them how to change their relationships with themselves, family members, and motherhood by understanding what creates their emotions and to stop hiding from them. A beautiful life isn’t without anxiety, it’s learning to thrive with it.

Tiffany Rhoton

Tiffany helps young adults who feel anxious, pressured and overwhelmed in making decisions for their future. She gives them tools to move forward in their lives with confidence, calm and excitement.

Kendra Harvey

Kendra Harvey

Kendra provides coaching services to doctor’s wives who are ready to drop the overwhelm, resentment and extra pounds. She is intimately aware of the unique challenges medical spouses face during the training years and beyond. Stop waiting for it to get better. Choose better now.