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Relationship: Family

Cory Hardman

I help young adults, including service missionaries, lessen their anxiety!

Navigating this world with anxiety can be challenging. When you have anxiety, your emotions can be determined by an unexpected text, your next job interview, a phone call, a date, or lunch with a friend. If you are ready to take back control, I’ve got you!

Lexie Hill

Hey there! I am a small-town, Idaho girl who can’t wait to meet you :). I discovered life coaching several years ago. The impact it made on my life was so great, I decided to invest in Life Coach School so I could help others experience the tools that were changing my life.

Kim Roberts

I help women who are struggling with chronic illness get stronger mentally and emotionally so they feel better overall. It's time to shift from surviving to thriving!

Heidi Allsop

Certified life & business coach for stay-at-home-moms. Yes, I said business coach. Being a stay-at-home-mom is a valuable, fulfilling, and fun career. I help moms eliminate frustration, overwhelm and guilt to become a fearless leader in their home, family, and community.

Amy Watson

Amy helps moms grieving the loss of their baby find themselves again. She combines her own experiences of miscarriage, stillbirth and pregnancy after loss with proven mindset tools and heart centered holistic coaching to guide you to the peace you're looking for, even without all your babies in your arms.

Laura Lines

I’m the Heart-Learning Homeschool Coach. I help homeschool moms “ginger up” their life and create heart learning homes to empower their children emotionally and academically. As we achieve our own goals, develop our own gifts, and follow our own dreams and passions, we empower our children to do the same!

Michele Gardemann

The Bishop's Wife Coach
Being the 'Mother of the Ward' is a tough calling. So where's the section in the handbook on this calling? I've got one. Do you feel scrutinized by your ward members, neglected by your husband, or ashamed by the fact that you have any of these feelings? I've been there! And I can help.

Brooke Oniki

I help women create peace in their relationships with their adult children.

Heather Daines

I help moms let go of the guilt and enjoy their children at all stages of life.

Cami Birdno

I help women heal sexual and complex trauma so they can feel confident in their bodies and relationships.