Love. Serve. Empower.

Program: One-on-One

Kendra Huffman

I help teenagers who struggle with anxiety, worry, and pressure from not feeling enough. Together we work on releasing the need to be perfect, and replace it with self-confidence. I help them begin to get out of their own way and start to see their true potential as one of God’s daughters.

Meredith Gardner

The Caregiver Coach for Overwhelmed Caregivers. I help you increase Your Capacity To Cope with the role you’ve taken on and go from Stressed to Strengthened.

Jennifer Barnhart

Has your adult child expressed doubts about the church, or have they left the LDS faith? Do you wonder what will happen to your eternal family? I can help. I coach LDS moms to help you find peace, confidence and a non-judgmental space where you can share what’s in your heart.

Heather Shuler

I help those who are struggling to love themselves and/or their lives. I’ve been right there where you are and overcame it using these very tools and now am on a mission to help lessen the suffering in this world starting one person at a time.

Cheree Murdock

I help teens and young adults unlock their success and potential. It’s already within them, you know, you see it. But how to help them see it? Well, with a few tools, and someone with an outside perspective, they can learn to access their own wisdom, achieve self-confidence, strengthen relationships, and live their very own purpose and mission.

April Price

I coach Christians who want to love their earth life experience. Because the way things are is not the way things have to stay.

Zach Spafford

I work with men and women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to overcome addictive behaviors, especially pornography use.

Heather Frazier

The coach for parents of teens and tweens- It’s not uncommon for our kids to yell, “I hate you!” …and sometimes we don’t like them a ton, either. It doesn’t have to be this way. I help my clients create an ideal relationship with their teens and tweens.

Joey Mascio

I am a Success Coach who helps high school and college students stop letting stress, procrastination, and self-doubt suck all of the fun out of being successful.

Amy Koch

Amy specializes in anxiety and confidence coaching for teens, young adults, and parents. It is possible to learn practical, doable tools to overcome the cycle of obsessive worry, self-doubt, fear, and overwhelm. She will help you find true, lasting confidence, along with the courage and skills to be free from feeling perpetually stuck.