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Health: Self-care

Lexie Hill

Hey there! I am a small-town, Idaho girl who can’t wait to meet you :). I discovered life coaching several years ago. The impact it made on my life was so great, I decided to invest in Life Coach School so I could help others experience the tools that were changing my life.

Kim Roberts

I help women who are struggling with chronic illness get stronger mentally and emotionally so they feel better overall. It's time to shift from surviving to thriving!

Heidi Allsop

Certified life & business coach for stay-at-home-moms. Yes, I said business coach. Being a stay-at-home-mom is a valuable, fulfilling, and fun career. I help moms eliminate frustration, overwhelm and guilt to become a fearless leader in their home, family, and community.

Laura Lines

I’m the Heart-Learning Homeschool Coach. I help homeschool moms “ginger up” their life and create heart learning homes to empower their children emotionally and academically. As we achieve our own goals, develop our own gifts, and follow our own dreams and passions, we empower our children to do the same!

Heather Daines

I help moms let go of the guilt and enjoy their children at all stages of life.

Julie Cosgrove

I am the Emotional Relief Coach for women ready to shed the weight they are carrying to move forward in a powerful new way. I offer a way past your pain, your past, post-therapy past trauma, and unhealthy relationships holding you back from who you were always meant to be.

Maria Hendershot

I am a family life and homeschool coach. I help mamas overcome overwhelm, set up home systems and routines, and strengthen family relationships, and build an extraordinary family life.

Michelle Keil

I help women of faith to let go of overwhelm, frustration, guilt, perfectionism, self-doubt, self-criticism, and more. Together we learn to untangle their brains and let go of expectations, both the expectations of others and the ones they have for themselves. As we let go we can find more peace, more joy, more hope, and more of themselves.

Jill Pack

I help women of faith in the midseason of life create joyful connection with themselves, with others, and with God one adventure at a time.