In today’s episode, I get to talk with coach Nicole Rasmussen about our interaction with our teenage children. From time to time, we’ll get requests for a podcast episode topic. And this recording today is a result of one of those requests. So if you have requests for podcasts episode, jump on our Instagram, LDS life coaches, and just direct message me there.

As parents, it is hard to sit back and watch our teens make decisions. We would love to jump in and make their choices for them, but that is not beneficial to them or us. It becomes our job to learn to manage our minds so that, when they make choices that are different than what we thought, or things just don’t go as you planned, we can still be the parent we want to be.

Now, some choices may seem harder to deal with then others. Contrary to what you might think, whether your dealing with drug abuse or whether or not your child wants to go to church, there is no rating system for behavior. There’s no scale for choices. There’s not a worst choice or a better worst choice than another. I just want you to know that the tools that we’re going to talk about today work, no matter what choices your teens are making. You will be able to access the feelings that you want to have in your life to be the parent you want to be. No matter what.

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