Marriages are relationships that take constant work and input from both spouses. Even under the best of circumstances, there can be struggles and growing pains. When one of the spouses has issues with mental health, those struggles can become even more intense and difficult to navigate. Coach Jessica Farmer works specifically with individuals who have a spouse dealing with mental health problems, so that they know how to navigate through not only dealing with their spouse’s mental ups and downs, but also with their own as well.

A huge area she focuses on is teaching people how to set and establish healthy boundaries that will benefit not only them but their spouse as well. This episode is full of great tips and examples on what boundaries really are and how to introduce them into your marriage. There is so much great advice not only for those who have a spouse with mental health struggles, but for those in any relationship.



Discussion Points:

Do you feel like you parent from a place of fear or love? If fear, what are you afraid will happen if you let your children make their own decisions?

How can you look to Heavenly Father and follow some of the things He does as a parent by applying those principles to your own parenting?

If you knew that your children were going to make the best choices for them, how would that change your parenting and relationship with them?

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