Spirituality is our connection with the divine. It is where our spirits are able to connect on a level above mortality with God. Often we can become scared and fearful of that higher level connection and what it will mean for the current truths we hold dear if we learn things that contradict them and the beliefs of those around us.

To Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, discovering those truths from a place of courage instead of fear is how we have integrity with ourselves and with God. We believe in a Restoration that didn’t just happen with the Prophet Joseph Smith, but that is still continuing today. It is our duty as saints in these latter days to realize that we are part of that Restoration as we establish Zion within ourselves and as a collective group by seeking out truth.

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“You continue to receive revelation and understand God more as you live life.”

“I really believed what is true matters and acting faithfully matters – faithful to what is true, faithful to other people – matters.”

“I had this duel experience [in the Church] of feeling like I belonged like I was learning great truths that were very important for my sense of self, for my own development and then also learning other things that were painful, that felt wrong, that felt either there was something broken in me or there was something broken in the Church but the two weren’t going together well.”

“Because we borrow wisdom, it’s just part of being social animals, we are gleaning what is true from the social reality in which we are embedded and it’s always going to be limited.”

“When we get behavioristic and fear based we reduce our theology to something destructive and much less than it can be.”