So often we think we know what’s best for our kids. When they are young we make a lot of decisions for them, but as they grow older it can be tricky to let go and allow them to make choices for themselves. On this episode of the podcast, Heather and Tiffany talk about the importance of letting your young adult children make their own decisions, how that is good for them, why it’s necessary for their development and growth, and how it can actually strengthen the relationship you have with them.



Discussion Points:

Do you feel like you parent from a place of fear or love? If fear, what are you afraid will happen if you let your children make their own decisions?

How can you look to Heavenly Father and follow some of the things He does as a parent by applying those principles to your own parenting?

If you knew that your children were going to make the best choices for them, how would that change your parenting and relationship with them?

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