There is a cultural belief in the Church that the best place for a woman to be is in the home and that if she does anything else outside of the home, has any desire to do anything other than tend to home and children, then there is something wrong – wrong with her or wrong with her life situation.

But desires are God-given and each woman’s path is as unique and different as there are women in this world. When all is said and done, the path a woman takes in her life is between her, her spouse, and Heavenly Father.

Coach Shannon Resare shares valuable insight as to why allowing women to forge their own path is so important and why whatever decision a woman makes as to how her life looks allows room for abundance and possibility.



Discussion Points:

  1. What are your feelings on a woman working outside of the home? Do you think if you or someone else has this desire there is something broken within you?
  2. What are your desires that you feel God has given you? Are you living into those desires? Why or why not?
  3. If you were able to look at your situation either being a stay-at-home mom or a working mom from a place of abundance and possibility, how would your views on your situation change for your benefit?


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