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70. Divorce Coaching: What it is and Why it Matters with Samantha Nielsen

Niche: Divorcing men and women who are in the process of divorce.

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Outside of having someone close to you pass away, divorce is the most stressful thing anyone could go through. It is a time of change anywhere from where you live, how you parent, your financial situation, and the relationships you have in your life. Whenever you are going through something as life changing as divorce, it is important to get all the support you can get.

On today’s podcast, you will find a great support person to have on your team. Coach Samantha Nielsen helps those who are going through a divorce navigate that period of time. Being a divorcee herself she brings firsthand knowledge to the help she can provide and helps you to make smart decisions today so that your future can have the best possible outcome. As she says herself in today’s interview, “Having someone present to help you think through those challenges and recognize that today’s decisions impact tomorrow’s outcome, is huge.”



*Divorce is not shameful and it is not a reflection of you and your worthiness.

*Divorce is something that happens to many because they are here on earth to learn and many times need to make a course correction. Divorce is often the avenue for that change of course.

*A divorce coach is an individual who is a neutral party who is a support to the person going through the divorce. 

*Outside of death, divorce is the next most stressful thing an individual can go through in life. 

*When you are going through something as highly charged as a divorce, it’s really nice to have someone who is not in the thick of the emotions with you and can help you see and plan things without the emotions running the game. 

*A divorce coach also lets you see all the pieces that need to be in place so that the decisions you make today will get you the outcome you want in the future once the divorce is finalized. 

*If you are going through a divorce, you need to have legal representation because you don’t know what you don’t know. 

*A common struggle for members of the Church who are going through divorce, is learning how to reconcile the doctrine of eternal families with their divorce and how they fit into that doctrine. 

*One of the best things someone can do for another in supporting a member of the Church going through a divorce is to be authentic and loving. 

*Whenever we can combine the tools of coaching with the help of God and Jesus Christ we become an unstoppable force – whether going through a divorce or not. 

*It’s important to remember to include those who are divorced in your outings and activities that maybe used to be done as a couple. Divorcees still want to do things with friends. 

*As a divorcee, it is important to remember to put yourself out there and to engage in your relationships. Being divorced doesn’t make you exempt from making an effort when it comes to your relationships with others. 

*There are some key things someone can do when they are going through a divorce:

  1. Let go of fear.
  2. You need a support team. Family and friends are great but you need key players who have your best interest at heart.


Discussion Questions:

  1. If you have been through a divorce, what are somethings that you heard Samantha say that would have been helpful to you during that time?
  2. If currently going through a divorce, what are your biggest fears as you enter the divorce proceedings? Do you feel you have the support you need and if not, who do you still need to get on your team?
  3. How does it feel to know that there are people out there that want to help you through your divorce and are advocates for you getting your best outcome?