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In its simplest form, life is broken down into two categories – stories and facts.  Facts are simply the things that occur in our lives. They are usually out of our control and something that everyone around us would agree on as having happened or not happened. Stories are created by us and are created by our thoughts about the facts. One person’s story of a set of facts can be very different from another person’s story. It’s not that the facts have changed but the story each individual is telling themselves is what has changed. 

Why is it important to know the difference? Because the stories – not the facts- you tell yourself will directly link to the results you have in your life. If you want different results you don’t need to change the facts, just the story, and that is great news because that’s all you can change. 

Today on the podcast Heather and coach Kendra Huffman explain the difference between a story and a fact and why recognizing the difference is essential to creating the life you want. The coaching tool being discussed today is story vs. fact. 



*A fact is something that is currently happening in your life. Facts can be things people say or do. 

*Facts are never initially good or bad until we put meaning to them.

*The impact of the facts in your life is based on your thoughts about that fact and what you are thinking about the fact. 

*Acceptance of facts happening in our life is a huge part of moving forward. 

*Our brain wants to keep us safe and one way it knows how to do that is by creating stories. 

*We get to design the stories we tell ourselves at any time. It is always available to us. 

*Stories get to be edited and rewritten. Even if a story feels so true, there’s another version to it. Editing out the unuseful front eh useful is important. 

*Anxiety does one of two things:

  1. Tells you a story of what might happen. 
  2. You had an experience and now it helps you carry the story associated with that story. 

*The Atonement of Christ will help us rewrite the stories of our lives.

*When you know things are stories and they are changeable we can have hope to create a different outcome for ourselves.

*The story of Alma and Pahoran is a great scriptural example of stories and how they can change based on facts and the stories we can create around the facts. 


Discussion Points:

  1. If you could look at your current life, could you take three different situations and separate the facts from the story?
  2. How would your life be different if you could go back and rewrite some stories from your past?
  3. Can you identify I time in your life when you did rewrite a story in your life and it benefited you?