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51. Emotions with Heather Rackham and Crystal Hansen

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If ever there were a love hate relationship in your life, it probably exists in the way you feel towards your emotions. Some emotions are so amazing to feel and some are just tough and hard. But in order to truly take part in  the full mortal experience, you must become really good at feeling ALL the emotions. 

When you can get to a place where emotions are neither good nor bad is when you know you are reaching emotional maturity. Emotions were given to you by Heavenly Father and you are meant to feel every single one of them. So come have a listen as Heather and coach Crystal Hansen discuss this very important topic. The coaching tool being discussed today is emotions.  



*All emotions have a purpose. There are no “good” and “bad” emotions.

*It’s a skill to allow our emotions to come up and be there. 

*When we have an emotion we don’t want to experience we do one of the three following things:

  1. Resist = more tension
  2. React = acting out
  3. Avoid = Go do something other than feel our emotions.

*We want all the emotions to be available to us because they help us act and get the results we want in our lives. 

*Emotions are truth tellers

*Ephesians 4:26 – “Be ye angry, and sin not.”

*What it means to “process emotions” is simply to feel an emotion on purpose. This is a skill many need to learn how to do since we are never taught how to do it. 

*Prayer is a good way to connect with God and explain to Him how we are feeling.

*The reason we are or aren’t doing things in our lives is because of how we think we will or will not feel.


Discussion Points

  1. Do you fear feeling your emotions?
  2. What do you think you would do differently in your life if you were willing to feel any emotion?
  3. What are your current thoughts about the emotions you feel in your life?



Dictionary of Emotions