Coaching Tool: 50/50

Definition: Half of life is filled with the things we enjoy and the other half is filled with things we don’t enjoy. Each half is necessary. 


There are most likely very few of us who welcome and enjoy painful emotions, thoughts, and experiences, and yet life seems to have a way of making sure no one escapes this mortal existence without feeling pain in one way or the other. But life also seems to have a way of making sure we also feel joy and happiness. The existence of seemingly polar opposites is how our Heavenly Father designed this life to be. When we embrace the “opposition in all things” is when we embrace the full human experience. Today, Heather along with coach Leah Davidson, are discussing this very tool on the podcast. The coaching tool being discussed is The 50/50. So go have a listen.



*When we realize that life is supposed to be 50% good and 50% bad it can be a huge relief because it normalizes the difficult parts of life.

*The 50/50 of life shows us the importance of “oppoision in all things”.

*Accepting the ebb and flow of life often releases the tension on the difficult parts of life and life becomes easier to bear. 

*By normalizing the 50/50 of life it’s important to welcome an daccept all emotions and not label feeling a certain way as “right” or “wrong”.

*The main thing we are told in the scriptures is that we are meant to have joy. In order to feel joy we must feel the opposite so we know the difference.

*The adversary is the one who doesn’t want us to feel all the emotions because it is in the lows of life – those darker times – that we meet the Savior.  

*When we ask the question, “Why me?”, it implies that something has gone wrong. For more resilience it’s important to ask, “Why not me?” We are humans living a mortal life. We aren’t doing anything wrong when we are experiencing trials. 

*There is the beauty in having the opposition.

*The 50/50 applies to all things in life, not just emotions.