Niche: Converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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With anything in life, when you enter into something for the first time there are a lot of unknowns and ways of doing things that are not obvious to you. When an individual becomes a new member in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints they have questions and don’t know all the ways to do things. This requires patience as the new convert as well as a lifelong member to help the convert integrate and become comfortable in the Church.

As a convert herself, coach Kayla Giles is on a mission to help other new converts in being able to assimilate into the Church with less stress and anxiety and to know that learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a pursuit that they will be on forever. She wants her clients to know they are welcome and that their feelings and thoughts about this new path are all normal and to be expected. Whether you are a convert yourself or a lifelong member of the Church, this podcast will help you make the integration into the Church one that is valuable for all. 



*Merging the world converts come from with the doctrines and culture in the Church can be fragile at times.

*As a convert you have to be ok with being a beginner and know that Heavenly Father knows your heart and your intentions.

*It’s helpful to take a step back and really dig into where you want to be in the Church, why you joined the Church, and where you want to go from there.

*We need to have compassion not just for the convert and the growth that they are going through but also to their families who are maybe not members that need time to adjust to this choice of the new member.

*Just as a new convert is building a relationship with members and the doctrines of the Church, they are also building a new relationship with God. It’s important for converts to trust in the path they have chosen and remember why they are there in the first place.

*Converts often struggle with the basics and it’s important to remember that the basics are important to grasp on our path back to God.

*Sometimes the actions of members towards converts can feel judgemental if they don’t know the path that the convert has been on to get to where they are.

*Seeking to understand one another’s viewpoints is so important to bridge the gap between a “seasoned” member and a new convert.

*Converts seek to be invited and to feel welcome. Any effort made to reach out to new converts to not make them feel different is huge.

*Ministering is important for new converts so that they can ask questions in a small more intimate setting as they arise as they are on their journey in the Church.

*When preparing a talk, do so as if you were giving it to a congregation of investigators or converts.

*If you are a lifelong member, remember what it feels like to be a beginner and know that is the way a convert feels.

Discussion Questions:

  1. If you are a convert, what has been your biggest challenge in coming into the Church and learning and adapting to the new doctrines and culture?
  2. As a convert, what have been some of the biggest helps that you have received as you navigate your membership in the Church.
  3. If you are a lifelong member, what things can you do better to help a new convert make the transition into the Church?