On some level, we all like rules. They create order and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering. For example, when you are out and about driving I’m sure you really appreciate having rules of the road and having those around you follow them. The consequence of not following some rules can be devastating and life altering. BUT, there are rules that we tend to live by that aren’t really rules. We have just adopted them because a large part of society thinks they are things we “should” or “need” to do. Those are fake rules. 

One today’s podcast, coach Davina Fear talks about the absolute necessity you have to start breaking those fake rules so you can truly live an awesome and amazing life. You can tell from Davina’s cover photo for this podcast she practices what she preaches so make sure to check that out and come listen to what Davina has to say.


Davina’s Niche: Women Who Want To Be Unapologetically AWESOME And On FIRE

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*When we turn rules and all the “shoulds” against us it stifles us and we stop living the plan our Heavenly Parents designed for us.

*If you are living by rules you want to live by, your vocabulary and how you talk to yourself will be different than someone living by someone else’s rules.

*The Savior is a perfect example of separating out what Heavenly Father wanted Him to be from society and what all the rules were that people had made up.

*We all come to this earth with all the power we need to create the life we want.

*You can be a rule breaker and still totally spiritual.

*Just like we have rules in religion, we also have tons of rules in industry and business.

*When you start stepping into being courageous you can step into the fear as well and move forward with your life.

*When you decide to break the rules your influence opens up and you can expand your roles and influence in the world.

*Sometimes we get so hell bent on being humble, not ruffling feathers, trying to make others happy, etc. that we forget to be awesome. And being awesome is how our Heavenly Parents see us.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What are your thoughts on rules? If you could see that you were living your life by someone else’s rules – really see it – do you think you could stop living them?
  2. What is holding you back from being the awesome human your Heavenly Parents created you to be?
  3. What “Should” and “Need to” ways of thinking can you eliminate from your life? How would your life change by doing that?



To continue the conversation with Davina, please join us on Clubhouse November 18th @1pm MST. Click HERE for the link.