Does your teen suffer from anxiety? If so, then you definitely want to listen to this episode with coach Jill Freestone where she talks about the importance of normalizing anxiety and creating an environment where your teen is validated and heard.

As parents we can often fear what may happen if our child suffers from anxiety. Often in that fear we either ignore the anxiety or try and “fix” it. But anxiety is not supposed to be fixed. It is an emotion we need to learn to move through, welcome, and not resist. 

Jill’s Niche: Anxiety & Relationships/ Parents and teens (9 & up)

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Discussion Points:

  1. If you’re a parent of a teen with anxiety, what in your own beliefs and feelings may be contributing to their anxiety?
  2. How can you be more like Eve and welcome emotions as teachers in your life instead of resisting them?
  3. If you suffer from anxiety, what difference would it make for you to have those who support you just validate you until you are ready to move to problem solving?

Clubhouse: To continue the conversation with Jill, please join us on Clubhouse November 4th @ 1pm MDT. Click HERE for the link.