The statistics are somewhat humbling. More marriages end in divorce because of criticism and contention than infidelity. What does that mean for you and your marriage success? You need to make sure the communication between you and your spouse is open and good. You need to become the best communicator you can be.

Today on the podcast I have coach Jane Copier who has made it her life mission to work with individuals and couples so that they can have thriving marriages that contain connection, meaning, and passion! Jane feels that communication is the key to a successful marriage and she is sharing five tips to help you become a better communicator so you can have the marriage you’ve always wanted and that you deserve. You don’t want to miss this episode.


  1. Learn to discover what role you are playing in your marriage.
  2. Stop expecting your spouse to communicate differently.
  3. Learn to stop being defensive.
  4. Stop assuming that you know what your partner means or what they think.
  5. Create more safety by managing your body language and your tone. 

Discussion Points:

  1. What can you do in your relationship to make your partner feel more safe?
  2. What would you really be losing by admitting that you are wrong and the other person is right?
  3. Do you believe that only you have to change and your partner can stay the same for you to have a happy marriage?







To continue the conversation with Jane, please join us on Clubhouse October 14th @ 1pm MDT. Click HERE for the link.