When it comes to the Gospel we often believe that we shouldn’t need nor seek any perspective or views outside the Church circle for how to best live and implement its doctrines and principles. For coach Heather Rasband embracing the teachings of life coaching did just the opposite. 

On today’s episode she shares how the tools of life coaching have deepened her understanding of the gospel and allowed her to live it more fully. She has been able to learn to love herself more, love others more, and truly live a more Christ like life. She wants those same blessings for all of her clients so come listen as she imparts her wisdom of more fully understanding and living the gospel through life coaching. 



Discussion Points:

  1. How do you view the “natural man” in your life and do you think it’s an “evil” part of you?
  2. What did you think of Heather’s differentiation of “judgement” versus “discernment”? How would things change for you if you were able to discern more than judge?
  3. What is your personal take on agency? How could you use it better the way Heather talked about it?