Niche: LDS women who suffer from depression and who have tried medication but still need help in areas the medicine doesn’t touch.

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We can often think that popping a pill for our depression will fix everything, but that rarely is the case. There is still so much we need to learn about our minds and mind management that the tools of coaching can help with. To have depression is just one part of depression. We have thoughts about having depression and we need to make sure we address those not from just the medical side of combatting this disease. 

Coach Emylee McIntyre is here today to chat about the work that can be done if you suffer from depression and want to know how to do the mind management piece as well. 



*Often, the hardest challenge is with the emotions within us.

*Depression is not abnormal. In many ways it’s the norm.

*Primary emotions that are based in love are from Heavenly Father, but we cause a lot of secondary problematic emotions when we think there’s something wrong with the first emotions. 

*The Spirit doesn’t speak through fear, but through peace.

*Your higher brain is impulse control.

*When you have depression it’s hard to learn to count on yourself.

*Elder Bednar teaches that if the thought creates a feeling of light, then it is of the Spirit. Therefore, we don’t have to spend a ton of time wondering if the thought or feeling we are having is from us or from God.

*There is plenty of time to manage a bad day when you have depression.

*Empathy is only really useful as long as it’s useful for us and others. Since empathy comes from our thoughts if it’s not retain the results you want. 


Discussion Questions:

  1. If you suffer from depression, what are your thoughts about that?
  2. What do you think you need to do in order to manage your depression in a better way?
  3. How does knowing that thoughts that generate light are from the Spirit help you look at thoughts that don’t produce light in your life?



To continue the conversation with Emylee, please join us on Clubhouse December 16th @1pm MST. Click HERE for the link.