So many of us feel at the affect of our circumstances, or the things that are out of our control. We tend to believe that the results we have in our life are because of those things that are outside of us. That can leave us feeling hopeless and powerless. But what if that wasn’t true? What if even though you don’t have control over things outside of you, you still had control over your results? Today I am here with coach Meg Tilton to talk about how the results in your life are always 100% in your control. Meg and I are diving into The Model so come have a listen.




Discussion Points:

  1. Heather shares a personal experience on the podcast where she was able to step outside what she personally believed was wrong in regards to a particular family member’s choices, and instead accept that what they were doing was exactly the right thing for them. When she did this, she opened up a space to feel something else and released the anger. What beliefs are you willing to give up so that you can feel better in your life?
  2. What feelings are consuming your life? If you could feel a different way, what would you want to be feeling?
  3. How would you live your life differently if you stopped living like the Savior and instead lived the life you were sent here to live?



The Billions by Brent S. Wade



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