When we become parents we have a lot of expectations of who our children should and will become. These expectations are only good until our children start to take a different path than the one we thought they would or should take. But as coach Christi Davis will show you, letting go of those expectations is the key to having a good relationship with your teenager and allowing you to enjoy them as they navigate becoming young adults. 

As a parent of teens your job is just to provide an environment that allows you teenagers to choose and make choices that will help them have a great life. Creating that environment is the only thing you actually have control over as a parent and when you can focus on that instead of on controlling the decisions your teens make, you will be happier and so will they. 

Being a parent of a teenager can be filled with faith and joy. Come listen and learn how to make this time of growth for both you and your teen an enjoyable time and one that can ultimately bring you closer together.  


    1. Focus on what I am modeling for my teens in my own life. 
    2. Stop teaching and focus on the relationship. 

Discussion Points:

1. If you could focus more on the relationship with your teen then on what they were doing wrong, what do you think would change for you? What do you think would change for them?

2. If you don’t have a relationship with your kids, then what do you have? What is one thing you can do to start to build that relationship?

3. Are you afraid to let go of fear when it comes to parenting your teens? What are you afraid of? How would your life be different, if you let go of that fear and instead stepped forward with faith?


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