When our expectations of life do not line up with the reality of the hand we have been dealt, we suffer. A way to work through the suffering is to build resilience. Resilience is our ability to bounce back, and grow, despite our challenges. Listen to my conversation with Coach Leah Davidson to find out how we can increase our resilience.


*Resiliency is not bouncing back to who you used to be but bouncing to a new version of yourself.

*Post-traumatic Growth is a process where you take your experiences and learn from them to move forward and make something better for yourself and your life. This type of growth takes time and patience with ourselves.

*We need to be kind and compassionate with others and ourselves. We all have rough days and we need to not compare our rough days to others’ rough days.

*The Adversary wants us to stay quiet about our pain and not get the help that we need when our pain seems small and not “big” enough.

*Three Pillars of Resilience:

  1. Body – Learn how to self-regulate and be with yourself in a stressful situation.
  2. Mind – Thinking skills and learning how to manage your mind.
  3. Heart and Soul – connection to ourselves, others, a higher power.

*The key to being more resilient is the tools in your toolbox. When you have the tools, you know you can figure things out.

Discussion Points:

  1. Has there been a time in your life that you have gone through something really difficult and then felt like you were able to go into a phase of post-traumatic growth?
  2. What benefits have you experienced from sharing your pains with others?
  3. Where are you currently when it comes to The Three Pillars of Resilience? Where do you want to be?

Featured Coach: Leah Davidson

Niche: Helping people who are stressed and overwhelmed to help build confidence, resilience and more joy.

Website: https://hl-lifecoaching.com

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