The knowledge that we are sons and daughters of God seems like it would be so empowering. Think of what you could do and create in your life if you truly believed that you were bestowed with great gifts and powers. The problem occurs when we start to use this knowledge against ourselves. We tend to start thinking, “Well, since I am a child of God I should know better. I am a mess up.” Consequently, our confidence dwindles and our growth is stifled. 

Hannah Coles is a confidence coach and she is here in this episode to share some tips and tricks for gaining confidence in your life. After all, it is the lack of confidence that seems to be at the root of all our struggles.

Hannah teaches us that confidence isn’t something “out there” or anything they have to go and DO but rather everything you think you’re missing is already INSIDE of you. Confidence is within your grasp and you can learn to create it, cultivate it, and live it daily.

Join Hannah for her 5 day confidence challenge and learn how to create genuine confidence no matter where you are, who you’re speaking to, or what you’re doing. 

5 Day Confidence Challenge

You can also find Hannah on her own podcast: The Confidence Catalyst Podcast