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Wendy Kimber

You’re finally an adult!

Remember how you thought it would be? Nobody telling you what to do, eating whatever and whenever you want, not having to clean your room or wash anything you don’t want to, no parents making you come home and go to bed–you’re totally free!!

However, you might not have fully realized the flip side that comes with adulthood, like figuring out how to pay for things, deciding what to major in, how to talk with professors, coworkers, and bosses, how to budget your time and your money, and manage all the relationships.

If being an adult is not measuring up to what you thought it would be, or even if it’s pretty great but you want it to be even better, don’t wait another minute. I specialize in coaching on the issues that face Latter Day Saint young adults, such as:

-stress/anxiety that come with change
-making big decisions
-managing money and time
-social life

Being an adult can be way better than you imagined! I can show you how.

Working with Wendy

I offer one-on-one coaching, either in single appointments or in a 4 week package.

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