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Tina Gosney

If you’re like me, you thought when your children became adults, life would get easier. And then you found out the opposite was true! Being the parent to adult children is challenging, and often heartbreaking as you watch them make choices that take them away from the path you always hoped (and thought) they would follow.

I’m the mother of 4 adult kids, and they have all taken different paths than I expected, including a gay son who is married to a man. For awhile, it seemed like our family was being torn apart at the seams and I was helpless to do anything about it. Then I found coaching and it helped me heal my marriage, my family, and most of all – myself.

If you feel like your family or child is on a path to destruction, and you’re powerless to stop any of it, we need to talk. I will help you find yourself again so you will be able to begin healing your family relationships. The best way to have influence on those you love is to begin with healing yourself.


Working with Tina

I work with clients for 6 months, one-one-one with a small group element, through my Heal Your Family Relationships program. You’ll love the individualized attention, and you’ll also love the support you can receive through knowing you’re not alone.

Connect with Tina