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Tina Gosney

Tina Gosney

Right now:

  • You have no one to talk to because your child hasn’t come out publicly yet, so you feel alone in trying to process your emotions and know what to do.
  • When you have tried to talk with someone who doesn’t have an LGBTQ child, you don’t feel heard or understood, and often you feel even worse.
  • You are exhausted because you feel like you need to be a buffer between your child and the rest of the world. You’re afraid of what they will experience in their life, and you feel you need to be their protector.

I‘ve got you. I’ll teach you how to remain true to who you want to be as a member of the church AND accept your child and everyone in your life without conditions. It can feel like your eternal family is being torn apart as you try to navigate this journey, and many parents let this situation affect their relationship with their child, with the church, and with others. That doesn’t have to be your story. I won’t teach you how to live the gospel or give you answers you are already hearing at church. What I will do is teach you real, tangible tools you can use everyday that will change your experience of your life and all the people in it. You will learn to understand your circumstances in a way that has never occurred to you before. And you will find peace in your life, clarity in your relationships, and confidence in yourself to go forward and create a future you want to live. No one else needs to change for this program to work for you. The work is yours to do, and I will be with you every step of the way.

Working with Tina

Your Journey Coaching program is a one-on-one coaching program that is done online. I created this program specifically for LDS mothers of LGBTQ children. Through our weekly coaching sessions and supplemental materials, I teach mothers how to move forward in their relationship with clarity and confidence as they navigate their new circumstances.

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