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Love. Serve. Empower.

Tiffany Rhoton

I graduated from BYU with a Bachelors in Education and have a passion for teaching youth and young adults. I have been married 27 years and have enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom for 25 years, raising 5 children, 4 of which are presently young adults.   I attended The Life Coach School and became a Certified Life Coach in 2019.  I understand well the challenges that young adults face in the world today.  They feel so much pressure, so much overwhelm and anxiety about their futures and the decisions they are making and often become paralyzed by fear. I have the tools and  experience to help them overcome their fears and anxieties, and look forward to their future with confidence, calm, and excitement!  I love my job!

Working with Tiffany

I offer one-on-one coaching and group coaching. I have a 6 week program that provides tools to help them make decisions.

Connect with Tiffany