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Sue Tester

Sue Tester

Every woman has a desire to feel good about herself, love her life, reach her potential, and create a future she can look forward to. My goal is to inspire growth by helping her create that life where her own mental and physical health is a priority and accomplishing exciting goals and dreams become her reality whatever stage of life she’s in.

Do you want to work on your relationship with yourself? Relationships with others? Is your mental or physical health a concern? Are you spending all your time, energy and money on your kids’ goals and dreams and forgetting your own? What goals do you have for yourself? It’s your turn! I’d love to be your coach!

Sue lives in the beautiful Pacific NW. She’s a mother of 3 amazing kids and a wife of an awesome doctor. She grew up in the foothills of Holladay, Utah and comes from a large family where she was 4th out of 8 siblings. Every one of them is dear to her and has taught her something amazing. She’s a retired Labor and Delivery RN, presently a health coach, personal trainer, and Life and Weight Loss coach. She loves music, loves to read, enjoys the outdoors and loves to have long philosophical talks with her hubby in the hot tub.

Working with Sue

I offer one-on-one coaching for 12 weeks, 24 weeks and 48 weeks, depending on your specific goals.

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