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Shelly Townsend

Shelly Townsend

Do you struggle with negative narratives in your head that tell you what you can accomplish and limit who you can become? These debilitating thoughts might result in nervousness when you perform or because you feel ethnically different and less than others.


As a child, even growing up in diverse Los Angeles, I felt my ethnicity made me undesirable. I believed that if I wasn’t Asian, things would be different. I struggled with low self-esteem until my early 20’s when I began acting and slowly learned to have confidence in who I was and how God made me.


As my 30+ year acting career progressed, I had to dig deeper, using mental skills like positive self-talk and emotional grounding techniques to calm my nerves and perform my best.


Using my experiences as a backdrop, I teach mindset tools, based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, that will override self-doubt, boost your confidence, and open the way to achieving goals that previously seemed unreachable.

Working with Shelly

I offer a 12 week program with included workbook that will empower you to self-coach. I also offer “at-your-own-pace” sessions where we work together to find what works best for you!

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