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Sarah Rasmussen

Sarah Rasmussen

Your anxiety doesn’t have to stop you from having the joy and fulfillment you imagined motherhood would bring. Hope is not lost. When you learn how to manage your anxiety instead of it managing you, you regain the physical energy and mental clarity to start being who you really want to be.

Yes, you’ve made mistakes. But, using gospel ideals of eternal families as a weapon to beat yourself up with, doesn’t help things. You can’t shame yourself into having the strong eternal family you wish for.

It’s time to move forward. Together, we develop your ability to respond better – so you stop the shame cycle. We grow your skills in using gospel-based tools that teach you how to:

  • manage the effects of anxiety in your life
  • function at your best in any situation
  • heal the distance in your relationship through love
  • restructure a stronger relationship of enjoyment

You CAN have the positive impact you most want in your relationship! Get started now!

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6 month program | one-on-one strategy & mindset coaching | individually tailored to meet your unique needs

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