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Love. Serve. Empower.

Sarah Foutz & Jennifer Markoff

The Coach Firm was established to offer individuals a place where they can receive the highest caliber of coaching and life coach training to set themselves up for success.

The Mind Firm Method is our foundational course where coaches are taught straightforward strategies AND the method of profoundly effective coaching. The goal of this certification is two-fold:  The coach will have a tried and true method of taking their client from zero to self-coaching, and secondly, the client will be able to effectively self-coach long after the sessions are over.

What sets us apart from other trainings is that upon completion, the coaches have a complete curriculum to take their clients through. This enables the coach to show up confidently directly after certifying and provides a predictable process for the client. 

There is nothing like The Mind Firm Method in the industry today, where both coach and client are empowered to reach heights they never imagined.

Working with Sarah & Jennifer

Our certification is online and is mainly self-led with over 40 training videos and 5 live calls per month. It also includes four, 1:1 mentoring sessions, weekly office hours and business training.

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