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Sara Visser

Sara Visser

I’ve been there…sleepless nights, fear of the “what-ifs,” emotional and physical exhaustion, guilt over ignoring other children, obsessing about saying the exact right thing to your child, thinking there must be something else you can do, tears of anguish, anger over the unfairness of their suffering…all the things that come with loving a child who doesn’t love living right now.

It’s an exhausting way to survive.  

When coaching with me, you’ll learn to remove the suffering, no matter what happens, and show up with strength, hope and peace every day–while allowing for the pain that is part of this experience. At the heart of it all is a belief in the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

As you apply the skills, you will feel better, have more peace, and know how to make decisions with confidence. As you begin to use these tools your life will change in amazing ways.  This often helps not only you, but everyone you love.

Let’s work together and make everything better!

Working with Sara

I offer 1:1 coaching in 12 or 24 week packages. Single sessions are available. I also offer retreats…check my website under “Events” for upcoming retreats.

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