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Rhonda Farr

Rhonda Farr

I work with high-achieving men (and a few strong women) who look like they have it all.

They’re hiding pain and frustration, behind the mask of success.

The same skillset that keeps these high-achievers thriving in their career often sabotages the connection they’re craving, at home.

You’re exhausted doing everything for everyone and the least you think you deserve is a little romantic connection at home.

She doesn’t keep up with your fast past and often feels like a disappointment to you.

You don’t feel appreciated and she doesn’t feel seen or accepted as she is.

This isn’t a subject you can talk about with many people in your life, but I promise it’s a common dynamic (and painful, I know).

I can help. I will show you your blindspots and what to do about them.

Working with Rhonda

I work with clients once a week and offer support between sessions, via Voxer.

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