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Molly Claire

I’m a Master Coach passionate about helping Life and Weight Coaches build a life and business they love. I started my own coaching business from scratch and have trained hundreds of coaches and Master Coaches for The Life Coach School on the side. After building my own 6-figure business and writing my first best-selling book, The Happy Mom Mindset,” I decided that I wanted to do more for the coaching industry by starting The Coaching Collective. This venture, co-founded with fellow Master Coach Aimée Gianni, is the ultimate training ground for certified coaches to master their coaching skills, gain confidence and clarity in their business, and have the community and support they need to make their ideal business a reality. Are you a certified coach ready to make your dream happen? Let’s get started.

Working with Molly

I work with my clients in a small group setting to master their coaching and create clarity in their business. I help them overcome their fears and take consistent action.

Connect with Molly