Mindy Neal

I help women who are divorced and remarried, create the marriage of their dreams and find joy in their blended family — even when it looks nothing like they thought it would.

Blending families is tough. And it can be especially hard on your marriage. 70% of blended-family marriages fail. The odds are against us. Having tools and support to navigate it is priceless.

Join The 30% Club. We are women who simply want to love and be loved. We don’t just make our marriages work, we make them amazing. And we learn how to love the blending, the stepkids, and the exes along the way.

Working with Mindy

I offer a 6-month program, group or one-on-one. Together we will go through all the tools you need to deal with your divorce, remarriage, stepkids, blending families, exes, coparenting, etc.

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