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Mimi Porter

Mimi Porter

What are you discouraged about?  People often think they know why they’re discouraged but it turns out that there’s always more to it.  For that reason, I developed The Discouragement Formula: I + E + NJR = D to help people get crystal clear and begin to Overcome their Discouragement.

Go to my website to get FREE resources about The Discouragement Formula and start helping yourself with it, today. www.OvercomeDiscouragement.com

I also have other mini-courses and workbooks available on my website.  Many clients get most of the help they need with just these resources that can be done on their own.  Other clients want to work personally with me and that’s what I love to do!

I’m a Master Certified Coach with over 9,000 sessions with people in more than 45 countries and for sure I can help YOU!

Working with Mimi

Working with me is easy. Simply go to my website and sign up for sessions. No consult or package commitment necessary. I offer 30-min sessions where we stay laser focused on the issues you bring.

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