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Michelle Keil

Michelle Keil

I help faith-filled women who are trying to do “all the right things” untangle the thoughts in their brains to uncover the expectations they are trying to live up to. Through 1:1 coaching you uncover the expectations of others and the expectations you have for yourself that keep you living in a state of overwhelm, guilt, frustration, perfectionism, self-criticism, and more. As you learn to let some of those things go you learn how to find more peace, joy, satisfaction, and more of who you are meant to be. You can learn how you can choose what you want in life and what you can do to create it. As an LCS Certified coach, I help guide you through understanding the self-coaching model, and I help you practice using it in your own personal challenges. You learn how to love the life you have, live the life you’ve always wanted and discover the person you truly are.

Working with Michelle

I offer an 8-week 1:1 coaching program where we untangle goals and dreams from expectations. We learn to notice the thoughts that are weighing us down mentally and emotionally and let them go.

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