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Meredith Gardner

Meredith Gardner

You have the power to be the Caregiver you want to be, but  overwhelm, exhaustion and negativity are getting in your way.

You may be in The Sandwich Generation, squeezed between caring for multiple generations, or perhaps you’re caring for aging parents as an only child. Whatever your situation,  I will help you build your capacity to cope with all the challenges of Caregiving. 

I spent 2.5 years caring for my parents who simultaneously had Parkinson’s disease and Pancreatic Cancer. I left my family in CO behind and spent a week every month with my parents in Utah. I used Life Coaching tools to help me improve relationships with my parents and siblings, to accept the difficulty of the situation we had been given, and to manage stress eating and emotional exhaustion.

I believe caregiving can be less stressful when we start allowing the negative side of caregiving to just be there by increasing our capacity to cope.

Working with Meredith

I offer 4 months of 1:1 private coaching via Zoom. Your Capacity to Cope will relieve you from overwhelm and take you from Stressed to Strengthened.

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