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Meg Tilton

Growing up in the church I had a life goal of getting married and having kids. I knew it was what God wanted me to do. I knew it was the plan for me. So when I finally had children and I found that I was not as happy as I had always believed I would be, I thought something was wrong. The truth was, nothing was wrong with me or my kids, I had just been telling myself the wrong story. I was trying to live someone else’s motherhood. I am on a mission now to help other LDS women rewrite their motherhood stories so that they are living the motherhood God has always intended for them. I know that living your unique and intended motherhood story is what makes women thrive in motherhood. It’s how to be the best mom and be the happiest in this most important role.

Working with Meg

I take clients through a nine week program entitled “Finding YOUR Motherhood”. Sign up for a free half hour mini session to learn more about it and let’s get started.

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