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Marianne Brereton

Marianne Brereton

Take one part of Holistic Healing, a dash of Cognitive Coaching, a portion of Trauma Informed, two parts Clinical EFT Practitioner, and
Sprinkle it with Motherhood and Family Life.

Mix it all together to get the techniques and strategies I use to help coaches and women who have experienced high levels of stress, trauma, anxiety, nervous system dysregulation, and a loss of confidence in themselves.

Healing is a process of guidance, patience and support along with awareness, acceptance and forgiveness enabling you to shift the unwanted thoughts and unfelt emotions-out of the body and mind while allowing for
Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, Choice and most of all Love.

Even when chaos is all around us we can find tranquility within ourselves and healing in ways that reveal the beauty that we often don’t see.

Some view the world as a place of pain, anguish and sorrow but the techniques and strategies that we will use Together will bring safety, refuge and comfort from the storm.

Working with Marianne

6 Week One on One – Coaching Package to start your Journey in how to use the Techniques and Strategies that Clinical EFT-Tapping can add to your Practice and your Life.Discounts on Packages

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