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Lorrine Headrick

I mentor female teen and college athletes to overcome anxiety, so they can be more confident on and off the court. Being a former college athlete- I’ve lived the hours of trainings-experienced the attachment to the label athlete in both positive and negative ways. I’ve had injuries that have mentally crippled me where I felt I lost my identity. I have 4 athlete daughters now with varying experiences in their sports. As a parent I’m grateful I have mindset tools to help them. I’m here for you too.

I have a passion for serving female athletes- helping you see their full potential even when injuries happen- when you feel misunderstood, let down or not seen by your coach or teammates. I’ll show you how to see errors as growth opportunities. You are not a victim in your story. You will leave feeling confident in your athletic and communication skills, knowing how to love yourself first and process through the hard emotions instead of avoiding them.

Being an athlete is one of your superpowers, but not all of you! You will learn how to embrace yourself as a whole and feel confident as an athlete and an awesome human being!

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I currently work with athletes 1:1, membership coming soon!

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