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Lisa Salisbury

Lisa Salisbury

Life coaching for weight loss? Shouldn’t I be striving for a more noble change? Actually no! When you learn the skill of losing weight, you’ll be surprised at how it translates into other areas of life. Craving chocolate & craving more instagram? Same solutions. Avoiding vegetables/protein & avoiding your to-do list? Same solutions.

Here’s my philosophy: I believe “diets” with end dates are just about the worst thing you can do for your mind & body! I teach my clients a way of eating that will be a long term, sustainable practice.
I believe attaching moral judgments to food by labeling them good or bad is harmful– especially because we label ourselves similarly for eating those foods!
I believe the key to health & weight management is to pick “power foods” just 80-90% of the time. No foods are “off limits” in my programs.
I believe that movement is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.
I believe that loving your body right now is the most beautiful path to change.

Working with Lisa

I offer a 12 week one-to-one experience in my signature coaching program. You’ll drop your obsession with “dieting” and your extra weight!

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