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Love. Serve. Empower.

Laura Lines

Homeschooling is a lifestyle, not a curriculum. A lifestyle that in today’s world often needs lots of support and inner strength because a mother is a child’s best curriculum. With so many external opinions and demands pulling our attention, it’s important to keep our eyes focused on our goals, minds connected with our hearts, and hearts centered in our homes.

I help mamas nurture their own hearts, develop their own strengths and passions, and believe in themselves rather than sacrifice themselves for their kids. We do not need to (nor can we) constantly pour into our families’ buckets if our own is not filled. We have the power within us to fill our own buckets through the grace of God and then they overflow to be more influential in our children’s lives.

My Ginger Up Heart-Learning Model supports homeschooling moms to create and believe in their homeschool style AND empowers kids to lead their own learning and discover their unique passions and strengths.

Working with Laura

Ginger Up Heart School is a 1 year membership that offers a blend of private and group coaching catered to support the whole family. I also offer a private coaching packages for all women.

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