Laura Dry


Laura is a Confidence Coach for Miserable Latter-day Saint Moms. She helps her clients build confident relationships with themselves, others, and with Christ by helping them realize and exercise their own “Automated Agency.”

6 years ago when her anxiety was at an all time high and her confidence at the lowest of lows, Laura began applying some of the tools she was learning from her life coach. She discovered that not only was confidence and happiness possible but they were possible for her!

As you learn how to build confidence and include Christ in the process, you gain access to the powerful woman you actually are behind all the noise.  You can turn the complaining, judging, comparing, wishing and worry into an unstoppable Christlike Confidence that ignites your life.

Your life does not have to be miserable. You are meant to have Joy and be Happy.  A beautiful, messy, authentic, guided and confident life is available to you and it’s my passion to help you uncover yours.

Working with Laura

I offer a 12 week 1 on 1 coaching program for miserable moms, who want to become Champions of Christ by igniting their life with Christlike Confidence and living their most powerful life.

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