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certified coach through the Life coach school

Kristine Cramer

Kristine Cramer

I love helping clients who find it challenging to up-level their lives and accomplish more day-to-day, who have challenging relationships and want to have more peace and calm in their lives.

The goal is to assist them increase psychological flexibility–their ability to be in the present moment, engaged, to open up fully to their experience and make room for all the thoughts and feelings that arise in the moment and to do what matters, acting in alignment with their values.

It is exciting to show them that their brain is working perfectly, to help them accept all emotions, positive as well as negative, as part of a rich, full and meaningful life.




Working with Kristine

I offer single one-on-one coaching sessions for 30 mins. or 60 mins., or a package of 6, for a discounted price. My recommendation is to plan on at least 6 sessions, and 12 is optimal.

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