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Kristen Goodman

Hi, I’m Kristen!
I’m a mom to four daughters and am in the tick of parenting teenagers.
I used to wonder if I had any influence with my teens at all.
I felt hopeless and out of control.
I thought I knew how to be a good mom, but when my girls became teenagers, it felt like everything I had learned wasn’t working anymore.

Learning how to communicate and stay calm with my teen was a game changer. My emotional state was no longer at the mercy of my teens behavior.

I help moms stay in control and stop yelling at their teens. I teach them how to stay calm and what to say in those hard moments. Because those hard moments will come, and you want to be ready. You want your teen to know they can come to you.

Working with Kristen

I run an 8 week parenting course that I launch twice a year. We hold group coaching calls weekly, with one on one coaching available for those who want it.

Connect with Kristen