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Kendra Huffman

Kendra Huffman

There are many pressures and opinions that our teenagers are dealing with in today’s world. However, for some it is their own opinion and self-pressure that ends up being the loudest. I help teenagers who believe their self-worth is tied to their performance and in doing things just right, otherwise they are left not feeling enough. As a perfectionist myself- I have studied, implemented, and created a program that helps my teen clients finally breakthrough from getting in their own way. They begin to find some relief from anxiety and stress, and learn to replace it with more self-compassion and self-confidence. I love working with the youth and have a special ability to connect with them.

Working with Kendra

I offer a one-on-one, 12 week Brave Teen Program that is specifically designed to build their confidence and learn to manage the inner critic that is creating so much worry and anxiety.

Connect with Kendra