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Karen Edwards

I help women break free from resentment and frustration, which leads to self-sabotage. I specialize in guiding individuals toward a safer relationship with themselves which will overflow into healthier relationships with others. Together, we navigate through the frustrating thoughts they have towards themselves, their circumstances, their marriages , their families, and their callings. Through tailored coaching, I equip you with the tools to master your mind, process emotions effectively, and eradicate self-sabotaging patterns. By harnessing your inner strength and agency, I will help you to truly access the joy that The Gospel and The Atonement have to offer. Having rheumatoid arthritis and hearing loss, I also love helping my clients see the power they have to create a beautiful life no matter their circumstances.

Working with Karen

My coaching services include self-sabotage, relationships, dating, confidence, empowerment, anxiety, parenting, and mindfulness. I offer one-on-one and group coaching with 8 week and 6 month packages. I am also available to teach classes and workshops.

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