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Kara Kaufman

As a certified Life Coach, a mother to five, and a professional Health Coach, Kara understands the immense importance of a healthy mind, body, and soul. Coach Kara coaches to improve the work and life balance by offering tools and concepts dealing with the inner makings of the mind and body.

With coaching guidance, she believes there is always an opportunity for change in order to enhance one’s life experience. And with over a decade of experience in coaching, she continues to love helping and guiding people in the wellness journey.

Coach Kara offers coaching tips on her social pages and offers programs on her website that are geared to improve overall mental wellness through mental, emotional, and physical means. Her coaching fits into everyday life and is not burdensome or overbearing.

Kara is here to listen and guide. Join her on a free consult to start understanding the wellness journey that awaits!

Working with Kara

I offer a 12 week one on one coaching program for work and life balance along with coaching for mental exhaustion and burn out.

Connect with Kara