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Kamden Hainsworth

Kamden Hainsworth

Have your ADHD symptoms become more intense with age or your changing life situation?

If you have an ADHD brain this makes complete sense! Hello, I am Kamden, ADHD coach, social media advocate, podcaster and mom.

Unlike some neurotypical coaches who push consistency, flawless routines, and the pursuit of perfection through “faking it till you make it,” living with ADHD calls for a different approach. We thrive by embracing flexible structure, persistence, compassion, purpose, rest, and a visionary mindset to ensure long-term success.

Many of my ADHD clients have lived with low energy, high pressure, and unrealistic expectations throughout their lives—in their home life, relationships, businesses, and faith. Clearly, these behaviors aren’t sustainable long-term.

Whether you’re seeking to prevent burnout or already in the thick of it, I’m here to hold space, coach, and guide you towards sustainable, long-term results in understanding your ADHD brain and body.

Working with Kamden

I provide a 12-session, 4-month, 1:1 tailored coaching package for successfully navigating your ADHD challenges. Additionally, I offer ADHD Group Coaching via MiNDFUL on a monthly subscription.

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